The confirmed speakers so far are:

Confirmed speakers

Florian Bernard (Univ. Bordeaux)
    A Polyatomic Model for Rarefied Gas Dynamics
Marzia Bisi (Univ. Parma, Italy)
   Shock-wave problem for multi-temperature (inert or reactive) gas mixtures
Frédérique Charles (Paris VI)
    Particles methods with transformed shapes for transport equations
Pietro Congedo (INRIA Bordeaux)
   Short introduction to Uncertainty Quantification and application to Hypersonics Flows
Laurent Desvillettes (Univ. Paris VII)
   Some aspects of the kinetic-fluid coupling for sprays
Francis Filbet (Institut Camille Jordan, Univ. de Lyon)
François Golse (Centre de mathématiques Laurent Schwartz, Polytechnique)
   A Derivation of Models for Aerosol/Spray Flows
Viviana Lago (CNRS)
   The super / hypersonic low density wind tunnels of Icare: an experimental tool for rarefied gas dynamics research
Raphaël Loubère (IMT, Toulouse)
   Toward an ultra efficient kinetic scheme
Thierry Magin (VKI, Belgique)
   Atmospheric entry plasma models consistent from kinetic- to hydrodynamic scale
Giorgio Martalò (Univ. Bordeaux)
   Derivation of extended boundary conditions for Navier-Stokes equations
Rodolphe Turpault (Univ. Bordeaux)